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This document is only used to convey project information and does not constitute relevant opinions on buying and selling digital assets. The information contained in this may not be exhaustive or definitive, nor is it legally binding or implying any element of a contractual relationship.
AfterEarth is still in the development stage, and its philosophies, technologies, consensus mechanisms, algorithms, codes, and other technical details and parameters may be updated and changed frequently.
Regulatory policies may change at any time, and the existing regulatory permission or tolerance for the project or its pre-sale plan in any country may only be temporary. In various countries, virtual land may be defined as a virtual commodity, digital asset, or even securities or currencies at any time.
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AE$ is the Defi currency that powers It allows players to enter our metaverse, buy sell or trade assets, get rewards for staking, and participate in the Council of Players. All prices in the platform will be quoted in AE$ Tokens along with USD conversations. This will allow players to focus on the portal and not worry about potential fluctuations in the price of AE$.
USD equivalent is required to make a bridge between constantly fluctuating values of $AE Token.
⚠️ $AE Token address will not be published in social networks, Discord, Telegram, DMs, e-mails etc. Please don’t trust anyone!
Only 250,000,000 $AE tokens will exist.
That will always be a static number and will not change over time as no new $AE Tokens will be ever minted.
Allocation Type
Play to Earn / Platform Rewards
Dex liquidity
Pre and Private Token Sales
No amount of the token supply, as seen above in the allocation table, will be distributed to team or investors.
AE Team will use “Dex liquidity Reserve” to put ETH against the $AE Token in Quickswap. The Balancer pools to set the initial price and grant liquidity for the $AE Token on launch.

Token Economics

The AE token is designed and intended to be a utility token, the currency inside the AfterEarth platform. AE$ is a ERC-20 token and was created by deploying a widely used standard smart contract on the Polygon blockchain. To be used in the platform, AE must be bridged to the Polygon network (a 2nd layer chain to Ethereum). Polygon is in common and increasingly high use by blockchain games and DeFi projects.

Pricing Model

Initial liquidity pools are required to set the initial valuation of the $AE Token against ETH as defined by Resources exchange rates in the Vault to prevent extreme fluctuations during launch on low volumes. - These values may change immediately after the Token launch.

Initial Values

Setting the initial prices for the $AE Token through liquidity pools and Resources exchange rates is critical for balance between networks.
Allocation Type
$AE Initial Price on ETH
0.10 USD

Liquidity Pools

AE Token will be initially added to these liquidity pools:
    QuickSwap - Ethereum $AE Token - (will be updated shortly after token release)

How to use $AE Tokens

The $AE token may have the following use cases:
    Deposit $AE to purchase land.
    Sell Land to receive $AE
    Land sold near yours bring you $AE Tokens aka Asset Interests.
    Lock Resources in the Vault to receive $AE Tokens
    Other in-game activities with the $AE Token may become available later.
The ecosystem was designed to have demand to purchase the token in order for it to be used to purchase Land and Resources. Rewards in the game can be increased or decreased. Players are incentivized to hold the token in order to use it to purchase assets.
Also the $AE Token could be used for governance to help the team make decisions on game development milestones and adjustments. Like real world politics in the decentralized world.
$AE in free-to-play mode *
The free-to-play mode by completing missions on a daily basis, some of them could be received using $AE Tokens for a limited time.
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