What's NFT Governance?

The Council of Players (COP) has been established to give players influence and say in game decisions and operations. The COP will vote to influence proposals, major changes, and additions to the platform.
There are two types of governance at AfterEarth.

Global Governance

Every country represents a Global Governance NFT.
    10% of country GDP is distributed to the nation NFT Holder.
    Enjoy continuous $AE Tokens yield farming (profit) by staking the NFT.
    Proposal submission and Voting rights.

Local Governance

Every Land NFT Holder is a part of Local Governance.
    Earns Asset Interests.
    Voting Rights.

Membership & Voting

Any member of Local and Global Governance is eligible to vote. Participating in voting is optional. Proposals will initially require an 80% majority of votes to pass to ensure continuity in operations. As the Council matures, this high majority can be changed.
Voting and proposal submission will take place on the
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