NFTs have become increasingly popular starting with the launch of Crypto Kitties in 2018 and its strong initial success. We at AfterEarth believe NFTs carry great potential applications for the Defi platforms.
Leveraging the appeal of crypto collectibles, the Project will be one of the first to integrate the new virtual economy with the gamification city economy, creating a whole new business model. The AfterEarth platform will be one of the biggest platforms, We are applying the NFT technology to construct a brand-new business model that will be beneficial to the asset’s owners. By doing so, we embark on the first step to expand and enhance the blockchain community ecosystem. The Platform will be the milestone of a new era for the virtual asset market and industry.
We proudly introduce Decentralized AfterEarth, the NFT and blockchain project to unify the elements of virtual world, blockchain and new economy to create new market value powered by the smart contract system, Polygon.

Partnership with Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon X AfterEarth
Instant Scalable Transactions with Polygon Network which allows us to move operations to a sidechain (layer 2).
All AfterEarth operations are verified transactions confirmed by smart contracts on the blockchain. There is a high gas fees on the Ethereum network. Polygon Network is a PoS Layer 2 sidechain that maintains low fees and uses the Matic token. AfterEarth covers all sidechain fees, so players don't need tokens for transactions on the Polygon network.

LAND NFTs (ERC-721) Non-fungible Token

With each purchase of the AE Land, through the platform, the NFT is visualized as a unique and new digital asset and cannot be duplicated in any way. All information regarding the ownership of the NFT will be automatically uploaded to the blockchain, allowing full examination of records on the Polygon network with high traceability and transparency. Each of the NFTs holders will receive the interests as the $AE Tokens, periodically.

External Marketplace.

The Project aims to provide original virtual assets owners with the access to an opportunity to grant lifetime licenses through the adoption of NFT assets. All of your NFTs are eligible to be traded throughout any other ERC-721 Trading platform, such as Opensea, Rarible etc.

Multi-chain support:

One of our main goals is to go beyond the Polygon network and create the first multi-chain NFT platform that allows users to store and exchange NFTs across multiple chains.
Initially, the NFT will launch on Polygon network, adding other blockchains, as we grow.

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